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Founded in 1991, Eurocircuits is a Belgian group specializing in the online distribution of prototypes and small series, from our own ISO 9001:2008-certified production facilities in Germany and Hungary. These are supplemented by our own manufacturing facility for medium quantities in India. For sixteen years now, our constantly further developed, integrated, web-based business model offers clients a large range of technologies—quickly, reliably, and economically. In 2015 we delivered over 100,000 orders—more than 98% of them on time—to over 10,000 clients.

We annually invest 1,500,000 euros in equipment and software to meet the increasing demand of European developers for quick, reliable, and affordable prototypes and small series. In addition to our printed circuit board services we also offer self-developed devices and software tools, supported by seminars and training courses. We pursue our goal—the continuous added value for our customers—by transposing your layout economically and with minimal risk of error, from concept into functioning prototypes.